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We are still collecting sounds and stories from listeners, and we need your help to create this important archive.

Here's what you can do.
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Create Quests for sound to encourage your listeners to contribute their own stories and sounds to this national collaboration
 WNYC has broadcast a call for sound. You can use this or create your own.

You can use Jay Allison's quest for sound. (0:53)
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Broadcast the hour-long special during September 2003.
  This documentary interweaves elements from Sonic Memorial stories heard over the past year on NPR's All Things Considered with voicemail messages, on-site recordings, oral histories, remembrances, and stories collected from listeners nationwide who called the Sonic Memorial phone line. Local hosts: Be sure to mention to your listeners that the collaboration continues. Listeners can continue to add their sounds and stories at

Invite the producers of the Sonic Memorial Project to speak on a local program
  Contact Davia Nelson of Lost & Found Sound (, Alison Cornyn of Picture Projects ( to talk about the inception of the project.

Encourage your listeners to visit
 Visitors to the Sonic Memorial website can add their own stories and listen to the stories of others.
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Post the Sonic Memorial logo and contribute button:
 Select one of the Sonic Memorial Banners or the Contribute Button.

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Include this copy along with a Sonic Memorial logo on your website:
  The Sonic Memorial Project is an extraordinary archive of audio traces of the World Trade Center, its neighborhood, and the events of September 11. NPR's Lost & Found Sound, Picture Projects, dotsperinch and the public broadcasting community have come together to establish this incredibly important and historic project. Contribute your audio artifacts and your story at

Include some of the great audio stories from Sonic Memorial on your website
 We have included a few examples to choose from:
Remembering the sound of the WTC's revolving doors: The heartbeat of New York.

During the construction of the WTC, young coeds called "Building Stewardesses" were hired to put a pretty face on the controversial project.

The elevator in the world's tallest building: 1982 recordings by Lou Giansante on the way up to the observation deck.

Include some of the quotes listed below:
"I was completely in another world, you know? So what I was hearing, I wasn't really hearing like you would normally be hearing. It was more like a feeling of sound. And I did hear - in that soup of sound - I did hear boats - beautiful, like people leaving for a faraway country. And I did hear these crazy sirens, well known in New York, with police and ambulances. And I did hear some kind of wave of sound, what I'm sure was the traffic stopping and the crowd looking up."

-- Philippe Petit, French performance artist who walked a tightrope strung between the Twin Towers in 1974

"First time... I come here and step up all the way from up here, say 111 floors. That day I was nervous... All of us crazy, yes. On observation deck, lines of people to take pictures, calling to us 'you're crazy!'"

-- Camaj Rojo, one of the window washers at the World Trade Center

"I started at three dollars an hour, which was still a lot of money for a summer job. Whoever had the idea must have been someone with an incredible amount of insight to think that you could find young girls like this, and instill us with that sense that we were almost as invincible as the building. We were the building. We were the World Trade Center."

-- Elizabeth English, Building Stewardess for the Port Authority

"It was so much a part of our lives, and everybody felt the same way that I did. When you worked on it, you say, this will be here 100, 200, 500 years from now."

-- Guy Tozzoli, former head of the World Trade Center

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