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Recent Audio Contributions

  1. Band at Fresh Kills Closing Ceremony [Archival Audio]
    The Department of Sanitation and Police Department Pipe and Drum Band played a medley of traditional Irish tunes at the Fresh Kills Closing Ceremony. The Staten Island landfill had already been scheduled to close when 9/11 happened. The workers of Fresh Kills rose to the challenge of hosting the largest police crime scene in America, processing contaminated debris and identifying loved ones.

    Car Remnants
    Fresh Kills
    Fresh Kills Tractors

  2. Mike Hingson, a Blind Person's WTC [Interview]
    Michael Hingson has unique memories of the WTC. He is a blind person and worked there for many years.


  3. Artist Don Bracken remembers the WTC part 2 [Voicemail]
    Resident artist Don Bracken describes what he liked about the World Trade Center. He remembers what it felt like to work there as an artist and how overwhelmed he was by the view from his studio on the 91st floor.

    The First Day's Storm
    Looking East as the Storm Passes
    World on Fire

  4. Poem from Remnants [Music]
    The recorded performance of Marc Wilson's prose poem. The piece is accompanied by guitarist Michael Schockey and is based on contents of office paper and other scraps found at Ground Zero.


We have partnered with The September 11 Digital Archive to preserve these audio traces and sonic artifacts for years to come.

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